It always falls to me to pack for a holiday, don’t get me wrong I don’t mind. Hubby works full time and it’s easier for me to pack for him, and if I let our 12 year old daughter pack … well… we don’t have a suitcase or car big enough to fit everything in that she would insist on taking.

I like to think myself pretty trust-worthy on the whole packing side of things and I often pack things that you would not automatically think were needed when staying in self catering accommodation but that you always find comes in very useful once you are away. For instance, I swear by my grease proof paper which always travels with me as I can use it on baking trays etc and it cuts down massively on cleaning. I always take our own coffee with us as I can never get the exact one whilst we are away and I do need a nice cup of coffee to kick start my brain in the morning. I have packed Travel Scrabble and Linkee which have been played when it is chucking it down!

But there is always something that I forget and it’s usually pretty important. I do this so often that it is now a running joke on our travels, as my husband waits until we are far enough away from home and asks me what I have forgotten.

So far I have forgotten the following items (in no particular order)

  • battery charger for my Nikon camera
  • Spare battery for my Nikon camera
  • Daughters sea shoes
  • Dog water bowl
  • Tennis ball thrower for the dog (obviously I am throwing the tennis ball and not Mia!!)
  • Dog towel
  • Spare poo bags (again, for the dog, not humans!)
  • Shampoo and conditioner when we were staying in a particularly remote cottage in North Uist
  • Husbands socks – he had none except the ones he wore on his feet to drive down to Dorset – oops!

I am sure there is more I have forgotten but I can’t remember them at the mo (haha!)

But that’s half the fun of going away in this country, it’s packing the car with 2 coats each (1 for rain, 1 for cool sunshine), wellington boots, walking boots, trainers, flip-flops, sunglasses, jumpers, t-shirts, shorts, jeans, hats, scarves, wet suits, swim shoes, dog blankets, dog bowls, cameras, dog bed, chargers, phones, maps, books, reading glasses, dog coat, dog lead, poo bags …the list goes on. Mainly because you cannot guarantee the weather in the UK, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. So I think it is OK if I forget 1 little thing….

Most of the things I forget I can live without, we can purchase replacements whilst we are away and occasionally the houses we stay in offer what we have forgotten. The White Ship in Portsoy had a large selection of tennis balls, throwers, buckets and spades and even crabbing lines.

So, when I am packing for our next trip away in the Spring I will be writing a list of everything that we need to take. The car will be full to the rafters which some smarty-pants remark from hubby about the kitchen sink. But I know that I will forget something, but that’s OK. So long as there are 3 humans and 1 Mia in the car I have everything we need for a fabulous holiday!


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