We have been saying for some time that Mia needed a new bed. In typical Labrador style she has her spot on the couch which is reserved by her favourite blanket, she has her spot on the rug in front of the log burner, she has her spot on the rug in front of the open fire in the snug and she has a quilted “bed” down the side of our bed. But we have been needing to get her a proper bed for sometime. Somewhere that is just hers, no one else can lie in it. We go away a lot in the UK travelling with her and we needed something that we could throw in the car and take with us. That way, where ever we were staying she would know that was her bed and it was hers to sleep in.

In the past we have taken her favourite blanket and laid it in a nice spot for her. Last year in Portsoy this was in the kitchen in front of the Aga, camping at Fforest Fields she slept at the bottom of our daughters sleeping bag and at Ashlea Pools it was down the side of the hot tub! I have been looking for a bed for some time and just haven’t been able to find one.  I have looked online but I’ve always been unsure which size she would need. She is a small Labrador and loves nothing more than curling up into a little ball. But after a while she likes to spread out and so would need a bigger bed. The quilted bed she has at the moment is fine for when she is curled up but no good once she decides to spread out. She ends up more off it than on!

Well, today we needed to get her some more food so we headed out to Pets at Home in Northwich. Mia loves it there. She loves to sniff everything and everyone always makes a fuss of her. She is even allowed to jump up at the counter onto her back legs and she gets a free biscuit. Well, the Northwich shop is getting a fancy new refit at the moment, but it is still open to the public so there was more exciting stuff than usual to investigate. Soon we found ourselves by the dog beds, with me trying to work out which would be the best fit for her.

I had no idea which size was best and she was looking at me with a bewildered look as I was muttering about tartan coverings, memory foam sides and fleecy bedding. That’s when Jess came to introduce herself and ask if she could first say hi to Mia and secondly if she could help us. She was fantastic, she advised which size they recommend for Labradors and allowed Mia to test run a few of them out there and then. She encouraged Mia to lie down so that we could see which fitted best and whether it should have deep sides or fluffy bedding. She was extremely helpful and we never felt like we were putting her out. Mia took to her straight away, although she was determined not to lie down at one point and couldn’t understand why she couldn’t have the treat that was being used to bribe her.

We settled on an XXL bed for Mia in mock brown suede with high sides and a very deep fleecy bed. We were helped to the counter and we really felt like nothing was too much trouble.

Safe to say Mia loves her new bed and is curled up in front of the fire. I just need to tell her that it’s not staying there, it’s supposed to go down the side of the bed. But for now, she can have it there. All curled up, snug as the proverbial bug!

Thanks Jess at Pets at Home, Mia loves it!




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