We love the countryside and we are lucky enough to live amongst some of the most beautiful countryside Cheshire has to offer. If we cross the road at the end of our lane we can walk down a narrow overgrown footpath and end up in open fields full of corn, potatoes and rapeseed, Mia loves these fields and I have fond memories of sledging in them as a child. You can walk for miles just keeping to the fields and crossing a few quiet country lanes.


Fields looking back towards the A49 and (now closed) Horns Inn


If we walk a little further afield (approx. 30 minutes) we reach the River Weaver and also the Trent & Mersey Canal. We have a favourite circular walk around this area.

We start out from the Leigh Arms, Acton Bridge and pass through a narrow opening leading behind the cottages on Willow Green Lane. The path opens up into fields stretching out in all directions. A short stroll leads to the Trent & Mersey Canal, from here we take a left along the tow path towards Dutton. There are plenty of points along the canal where you can leave the tow path and head back towards the Leigh Arms to make it a shorter walk but we like to continue until we reach Lodge Lane, Dutton.

Turning left onto Lodge Lane takes you past Bluebell Cottage Gardens & Nursery. We have visited the little café here several times as it offers a nice little break on a long walk when you have children with you. Dogs are not allowed into the gardens (assistance dogs are allowed) however, they are welcome to sit with you at the tables outside the café and are welcome in the meadow – but they must be kept on leads and under control at all times. The gardens and meadow are beautiful, offering a real sense of tranquillity and peacefulness


Trent & Mersey Canal


From here we carry on along Lodge Lane and eventually end up back in the fields and heading towards the River Weaver and Dutton Locks. From the locks we follow the River Weaver back towards the A49, walking underneath the black and white swing bridge and back up to the Leigh Arms for a nice cool drink or hot chocolate (depending on the weather)

The Leigh Arms welcomes dogs in the bar area, outside areas (except on the childrens play area) and tap room. Regular dogs get their photo on the dog gallery in the tap room and there is always a tub of dog biscuits to be found. The children’s play area is always popular with Maddie and offers a great range of play equipment including climbing frame, slide, swings and mini “assault” course where you can make your way round without touching the floor


This is a lovely gentle walk, but due to tow paths and stiles it doesn’t lend itself to push chairs and wheelchairs, however, the stretch of country lane (with no public vehicular access) along the River Weaver is ideal for pushchairs and disabled access. Whilst out on this walk we have seen buzzards, herons, ducks, geese, frogs, moorhens and even a kingfisher twice! It is a beautiful walk any time of the year, with the countryside changing along with the seasons


Mia loves this walk and due to her not being your typical “ooh there’s water I must go in it” Labrador we don’t have to worry about her getting soaking wet, but there are obviously plenty of opportunities for your water-loving darlings to have a swim. That’s not to say she hasn’t got her footing wrong once whilst having a sneaky drink and fell head first into the canal! Also, watch out for the swans, they are not so keen on inquisitive dogs!

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