Aberdeenshire Part 1 – Portsoy

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April saw us spend a week in Portsoy, Aberdeenshire.
We scoured the internet looking for where to stay – our criteria was simple
1. Somewhere we had never visited before
2. Dog friendly beach within walking distance
3. Scotland!
We finally settled on The White Ship located directly on Portsoy harbour (the cottage itself will be reviewed in Part 3)
It was a long drive North, taking us almost 8 hours (including a couple of short stops) but the drive was worth it. We drove into the village of Portsoy, heading down the narrow streets to the harbour. We were greeted by fantastic views and knew we had booked the right place.


The stunning beach was located a few minutes walk from the harbour, offering a pebbled beach at high tide and fabulous stretches of sand and rock pools at low tide. Mia loved this beach, it was perfect for chasing her tennis ball and we had the beach to ourselves every time we visited. Maddie spent an afternoon in her wetsuit running in and out of the waves, building sandcastles and looking for sea creatures in the rock pools


The picturesque harbour was surrounded by pretty houses, a pub, fresh fish shop, Portsoy Marble & Beggars Belief Coffee Cove. We enjoyed a delicious homemade scone in the Beggars Belief and dogs on leads are more than welcome inside the café. The harbour features the famous Portsoy Dolphin – a large metal sculpture overlooking the harbour and sea

The village centre was a few minutes walk and offered a lovely range of shops including local butchers, bakery, pharmacy, traditional kilt maker, co-op, fish & chip shop, post-office and the delicious Portsoy Ice Cream.

Portsoy Ice Cream is one of the best ice cream parlours we have visited. They offer a great range of flavours to choose from. Whilst we were there we sampled Unicorn, Condensed Milk flavour, peanut butter, salted caramel, fudgey-wudgey & honeycomb. They offer small tables outside for you to sit with your dog whilst you enjoy your ice cream, however, inside there is Coffee Corner where you can sit and sip a hot drink whilst eating their fabulous waffles & ice cream sundaes.

The staff in Portsoy Ice Cream are lovely and very helpful. The parlour gets very busy but it is well worth the wait, you won’t be disappointed!

Whilst eating our ice creams we always opted for a walk around the Loch of Soy, located to the rear of the shops, where we could watch the ducks whilst we ate our ice creams. There is also a great children’s play area located at the rear of the park. We discovered a walk through a small wooded area which would lead out onto the main road, from here we crossed over and found a lovely walk along the stream, past the church yard, eventually coming out onto the beach by the new hostel

DSC_0313There are coastal walks both East & West of the village, taking you to some of the most stunning views the Aberdeenshire Coast has to offer. We spent 3 days of our holiday based just in the village and along the coastal walks, leaving the car parked next to cottage

Aberdeenshire Council has invested a lot of money in doggie bins, we wouldn’t have to walk far before we found a bin to dispose our doggie bag into. We also found that many of the bins had fully stocked poo-bag dispensers attached. We thought this was a great idea and wish other councils would invest in such a scheme.

We will definitely return to Portsoy. We enjoyed a fantastic dog friendly family holiday. The village was lovely and everyone we met was friendly and welcoming.


Mia’s review of Portsoy
Portsoy village – 4 paws
Portsoy beach & harbour – 5 paws



Maddie’s review
I’m going to write about my top 3 things in Portsoy.
1.Portsoy ice-cream. Portsoy ice cream is not far from the cottage we stayed in. They had a grocery shop on one end and the rest was a huge ice cream parlour. They had mostly ice-cream with all these wacky flavours like unicorn, cream egg and condensed milk. They also have lemon, blackcurrant and raspberry sorbet. They also do a range of freak shakes but we always have the dog so I never got to sample one 😦
2. Portsoy marble . I went to Portsoy marble every day. The staff were lovely and really helpful if needed. From there I got a beautiful marble dolphin for around £5 ,a shark necklace for £2.50 and a big chunk of amethyst for £7 and a 50p egg stand for it to sit on.
3. The beach – I loved the beach. We went for long walks with the hound! Every day we walked along the beach and came back clutching bags and bags of sea glass. I even played in the North Sea and the thing is, it wasn’t even that cold!
floppy dogs review .

“woof woof woof epic-ness


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